Amazon's New Kindle Will be $250 Color, Touch-screen Tablet

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Amazon jumps into the tablet wars this November, when it releases its newest version of the Kindle, a $250 touch-screen, color, 7-inch tablet, according to ReadWriteWeb.  

At $250, Amazon's Kindle tablet costs about half of what you'd pay for an iPad. It's pretty much the same price as Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color. Both are color, backlit, have 7-inch screens and run on Android.

Techcrunch's M.G. Siegler, who apparently had a chance to check out the new device, says the home screen is a carousel that looks like Cover Flow in iTunes. It displays the content you have on your device, including  books, apps and movies. 

Amazon has made no public comment about its new Kindle Tablet, but that hasn't stopped the analysts from predicting the retailer could sell five million units of the device in the fourth quarter.

The Kindle tablet is expected to debut in late November, just in time for the holiday buying season.


Lynn P said...

I think this sounds great. I was about to buy the Nook, but now I'm thinking I should wait and check out Amazon's Kindle tablet before making a final decision.

Diana Quincy said...

Lynn P -

I have both the current version of the Kindle and I just recently got the Nook. I love both, but I have to say I'm still enjoying playing with all of the shiny, colorful, touch-screen options the Nook offers. I think you are smart to wait and check out what Amazon is offering before making any decisions.

Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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