Happy 2011!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2011 is a positive and fruitful year for you.

When it comes to writing, 2010 was an amazing year for me. One of the top highlights was finalling in BRAVA/RT's Writing with the Stars contest. Kensington editors Alicia Condon and Megan Records selected the 10 finalists for the online voting contest. To have an editor at a publishing house select my work out of all the entries was great validation.

The contest is ongoing. Today, Sunday, Jan. 2, is the last day to vote in Round 3. I hope you'll take a moment to check it out and will consider voting for my entry, Seducing Charlotte, a historical romance set against the backdrop of the Industrial Revolution. 

Me with Madeline Hunter at the NJ PYHIAB conference 
 I also attended my first writers' conference in 2010. Seducing Charlotte placed first in the New Jersey Romance Writers Put Your Heart in a Book contest.

I was thrilled that one of my favorite authors, Madeline Hunter, was among the judges. I met Ms. Hunter at the conference and she was lovely - amazingly generous. I ran into her in the lobby and she spent a good 45 minutes discussing my writing with me. I learned so much about plot, conflict and layering from both our discussion and the workshop she presented at the conference. As a result of that discussion, I've gone back and started revamping the first manuscript I ever wrote, Compromising Willawhich placed 2nd in the PYHIAB contest. It's already a much better manuscript.

If you're an aspiring writer, I strongly suggest you try to make it to one of the chapter conferences. They are well worth it.     

I got this saucy apple green cover with my Kindle.

I also became a Kindle-ista in 2010. I received a Kindle for my birthday and never looked back. I wavered on whether I wanted the e-reader - it made me feel a little unfaithful to traditional books. But now I enjoy both e-books and tree books. I still haven't discovered how to lend an e-book to a friend but I hope to figure it out in 2011.   

I actually launched this blog in 2010 - as a result of the Writing with the Stars contest. It's been a lot of fun. I've tried to provide interesting information about publishing, the romance industry and just reading in general.

I plan to continue blogging away into 2011. Happy New Year and I hope you'll be back to visit often! 


Jen said...

Congratulations on your accomplishments this year. Good luck with the Brava contest! I voted for you.

Diana Quincy said...

Thanks for your support, Jen. I'm keeping mh fingers crossed that I make it to the next round. I hope you have a great 2011!

Lisa Kessler said...

I got a Kindle for my birthday in 2010 and I wasn't sure I would like it either, but WOW! I'm so spoiled now and I love it so much that sometimes I feel guilty, like I'm betraying my bound books... LOL

But hands-free reading and never having to worry about losing your place when you get interrupted really rocks! :)


Diana Quincy said...


I love never having to worry about a bookmark - especially since I always seem to lose them!

Happy New Year - I wish amazing things for you in 2011!

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