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Monday, December 20, 2010

It's the end of the year - a time when everyone starts coming up with their "Best of" lists. I toyed with the idea of posting my very own "Best Romances of 2010" list but then decided I have not read widely enough to come up with a credible list.

However, there is one book I read this year that does stand out. It's Lisa Kleypas' Married by Morning. The New York Times Bestseller is Book Four in the Hathaway series. I've enjoyed the entire series but there is something extra special about this one.

Everyone loves governess Catherine Marks, who has become like one of the family.  Except Lord Leo Ramsey, who feels she is not the best influence on his sisters. But Leo's got bigger problems. He must marry and produce an heir or lose the family estate.

The verbal sparring between Leo and Catherine is clever, witty and humorous. It also highlights the sparks raging between these two characters, who have always shared an antagonistic relationship.

As a hero, Leo stands out for his obvious intelligence, devilish wit and devotion to his sisters. He came across as maudlin in some of the earlier Hathaway books but truly comes into his own in Married by Morning.  He's everything a romance hero should be: smart, sexy and charmingly self-deprecating.

Catherine is more than his match. Sharp tongued and quick minded, she is the rare romance heroine who truly cannot see without her glasses -  so much so that the spectacles are almost a minor character in the book. That vulnerability makes Catherine supremely human - and all the more likable because of it.

As with any Lisa Kleypas novel,  Married by Morning is beautiful written and absent of cliches. Kleypas has created memorable characters and a clever book that sparkles and will leave you smiling.    

Writing With the Stars

Round Three of the Kensington Brava/RT Writing with the Stars contest is going on right now.

I am one of six remaining finalists in the national competition. The winner of the online voting contest will be published. But I can't get there without lots of support because I am up against some very talented writers.

For this challenge, I had to write a back-of-the-book blurb. Agent Kristin Nelson does an indepth critique of each entry that you might find interesting.

Click here to check out all of the entries. I hope you will consider voting for my manuscript, Seducing Charlotte, a historical romance set against the backdrop of the dawning Industrial Revolution.

I promise voting is super quick and easy. You can click in, vote and be done in under a minute. No registration is required. Thank you!


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