Highland Hellcat is a Must Read

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

First of all, I think the cover of Mary Wine's Highland Hellcat is gorgeous and the pages in between don't disappoint either.

The highly-engaging plot involves Connor, who arranges to marry Diedre for the strong political alliance it will bring him. However, when he discovers Diedre has slept with the enemy, he steals her sister, Brina, instead. The only problem (aside from the fact that he steals a human being) is that Brina is promised to the church. She's been groomed for the life of a nun although it doesn't take too long for Connor to arouse some unholy feelings in her.

The interplay between the two is so much fun and they have that 'spark'. What I also enjoy about Mary's writing is the little historical tidbits she slips in along the way. I don't know about you, but I enjoy a strong historical component in my historical romances.

I highly recommend this memorable read. It's the most entertaining book I've read in a while.

And I'm not only saying that because Mary Wine is my mentor in Kensington Brava's Writing with the Stars contest. While that is the reason I first picked up one of her books, I bought Highland Hellcat because I was really excited to read it.

Speaking of excited...I'm thrilled to have made it into the second round of the Writing with the Stars contest. Online voting is now open for the category of Best Hero and Heroine.

Initially, 10 finalists were selected by editors Alicia Condon and Megan Records at Kensington. Online voters whittled that number down to eight after the first round. The last writer standing wins a book deal!

Click here to read the passages and then scroll all the way down to the bottom for the menu of author names to vote.

I hope you'll consider voting for me. It's very quick and easy. You can click in, VOTE and be out in under a minute.

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Pam said...

If you recommend Mary Wine, I'll give her books a try. Highland Hellcat is next on my list!

Tabitha said...

love Mary Wine I share her books and recomend them to everyone.

Diana Quincy said...

Thanks Pam and Tabitha...Agreed, Mary is well worth reading!

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